We, the SMART-Navigation project office,
will ensure that all our efforts will provide safe traffic at sea,
will develop new ecological industrial options in the maritime field,
and will ultimately be a smart leader
in the e-Navigation technology global market.

Project Information

  • Project Name :
    SMART-Navigation Project
  • Organized and Funded by :
    Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, Republic of Korea
    Sunbae HONG       Email)      TEL) +
  • Project Office :
    SMART-Navigation Project Office at KRISO
    Jin Hyoung PARK       Email)       TEL) + 82.42.866.3608
  • Implementation Period :
    March 2016 – December 2020
  • Budget :
    USD 115M

SMART-Navigation Service

SMART-Navigation Service
ID Service Target Vessels Communication Method
SV1 SV1-Navigation Monitoring & Assistance Service (NAMAS)
  • Korean passenger ship(Domestic/International)
  • Korean dangerous cargo vessel
  • Korean international ship
SV2 SV2-Ship-borne System Monitoring Service(SBSMS)
  • Korean passenger ship(Domestic/International)
  • Upon request
SV3 SV3-Safe & Optimal Route Planning Service (SORPS)
  • Korean passenger ship(Domestic/International)
  • Upon request
SV4 SV4-Real-time Electronic Navigational chart Distribution & Streaming Service (REDSS)
  • Domestic Costal vessel
SV5-1 SV5-Pilot & Tugs Assistance Service (PITAS)
  • Pilots and Tugs
SV5-2 SV5-2-Maritime Environment and Safety Information Service (MESIS)
  • Upon request

Project Overview

Maritime Service Portfolios (MSPs)
MSPs have been identified by IMO providing operational and technical services for e-Navigation

MSP(Maritime Service Portfolio)
No. Identified Services SMART
MSP 1 VTS Information Service(IS) SV1/SV2/SV3
MSP 2 Navigational Assistance Service(NAS)
MSP 3 Traffic Organization Service(TOS)
MSP 4 Local Port Service
MSP 5 Maritime Safety Information Service(MSI) SV5-2
MSP 6 Pilotage service SV5-1
MSP 7 Tug Service
MSP 8 Vessel Shore Reporting
MSP 9 Telemedical Assistance Service(TMAS)
MSP 10 Maritime Assistnace Service(MAS) SV1/SV2
MSP 11 Nautical Chart Service SV4
MSP 12 Nautical Publications Service SV4/SV5-2
MSP 13 Ice Navigation Service
MSP 14 Meteorological Information Service SV5-2
MSP 15 Real-time Hydrographic and Environmental Information Service
MSP 16 Search and Rescue Service SV1/SV2

Organizaional Structure

In order to adopt core technology(Activity1) into SMART-Navigation Operating system(Activity2),
Activity 1 and Activity 2 will be implemented in one organization(KRISO).
The structure enhances to share information between parties, making the result harmonized.